EASTENDERS                                                         Jaci Stephen - Daily Mail

Robin Kermode (D.S.Kidman) is quite possibly the most beautiful creature ever to have appeared in a soap. His exquisite face peers out of the top of a number of sexy polo-necked sweaters (he's also a terrific actor by the way), and Eastenders would be well advised to sell him a house in Square pronto. Suddenly Eastenders is looking up.

PIG IN A POKE                                         Michael Billington - The Guardian

Robin Kermode as the tragic Pennyfeather has a stoic charm. He bounced about the stage with the best Spanish accent this side of the World Cup.

BLITHE SPIRIT                                       Charles Spencer - Daily Telegraph

Robin Kermode plays Charles with Cowardly suavity. The sparring between Charles and his two wives has exactly the required bitchiness.

THE NORMAN CONQUESTS                                                Sunday Express

This was Robin Kermode's night. A dishevelled bundle of energy, he brimmed over with letchery, boisterousness and drunkenness. His neat way of interpreting the drunken philanderer almost caused a riot, never more so than when wrestling with a pair of pyjamas he brought for the weekend away.

THE WINTER'S TALE                                                                      Time Out

One of the ghostliest productions I've ever seen, satisfyingly held together by Robin Kermode's pinstriped Leontes.


FUNNY PECULIAR                                                                Sunday Mirror

Rip-roaring revival of the 70s black comedy hit. Robin Kermode attacks the role of the sex-starved northern shopkeeper in pursuit of love with relish. The highlight of the play - running at the Mermaid - is a superbly staged slapstick fight complete with cream buns and custard tarts.

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